Twitter account documents madness of ‘Florida Man’

It's a surfer, it's a terrible criminal ... no — It's Florida Man!

A Twitter account under the title 'Florida Man' is getting media attention by documenting the madness that is crime in the Sunshine State.

"Real-life headlines about the world's worst superhero," the account description reads.

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Florida Man gathers headlines that include the words, you guessed it, 'Florida Man' and the result is a disturbing profile of the inexplicable decisions made by male Florida residents who don't have anything better to do, than, say, attack people with sharp objects and peanut butter.

There won't be a multi-million dollar movie deal for this superhero, folks. But he is building evidence for a trend others have noticed — Florida is completely off its rocker.

Florida Man has more than 11,000 followers to date and no shortage of material to keep the Twittersphere buzzing.

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Thanks to one Twitter user who responded to the last tweet, we now know Florida Man's kryptonite.

Drive on into the night, Florida Man.

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