Two roll ups per Tim Hortons rim: Do you care?

Daily Buzz

That’s right, folks.

RRR-Roll up the Rim is back at Tim Hortons starting Feb. 17. This year, however, it is doing things a little differently. Instead of each cup having just one roll up, there are now two.

Mind. Blown.

Tim Hortons is changing the contest to showcase its 50th anniversary and, perhaps, to sell a few extra hot beverages. Aside from the familiar yellow arrow on the red paper cups, you'll find a blue one. The blue arrow points to the spot where a second roll-up will appear, giving you a chance to win one of 10 additional 2014 Toyota Corolla vehicles. Normally, the company only gives out 40 cars during the roll-up promotion, but this year it upped the number to 50.

“This now puts another arrow on and another chance to win for our loyal guests,” says Glenn Hollis, Tim Hortons vice-president of brand strategy, according to the Huffington Post.

With even more incentive to feed our caffeine craze, sales are expected to increase with the presence of that extra blue arrow. After all, Tim Hortons is increasing the chances for customers to win. And who doesn't love a free doughnut?

According to the Huffington Post, Tim Hortons is giving away more than 47 million prizes this. Among the prizes are 100 prepaid visas with $5,000 loaded onto them, 25,000 Tim Cards with $100 value on them, millions of prizes in food and, of course, those 50  Corollas (no RAV4s this year).

But will the second arrow attract more customers? Let us know in the comments below if the extra roll matters to you.