U.S. traffic reporter gives directions to Canada for fleeing Republicans

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Jeff Brucculeri responds to a request and explains the easiest route to the Canadian border

After most U.S. elections, a number of people claim if their candidate loses they are moving out of the country. Many of them select places like Canada and Australia.

When George W. Bush won in 2000, this threat kind of made sense given Canadian ideals were closer aligned with the Democratic nominee and Vice President Al Gore and these people might have felt more comfortable in Canada. Canadian/U.S. immigration lawyer Michael Niren told Yahoo! Canada News some people acted on these threats and when Bush was in office he received "a lot of calls" from unhappy Democrats.

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But in this election, it doesn't make much sense. Canada politically is farther to the left of the political spectrum than the U.S. even with President Barack Obama in power. So we up here north of the medicine line can get a good laugh at Republicans threatening to move here or elsewhere.

"My dad is honestly looking for houses in Canada to move to if Obama gets elected again," tweeted Taylor Sexton during the election. "You guys I'm legit moving to Canada if Obama wins."

"I'm moving to Australia, because their president is a Christian and actually supports what he says," tweeted Kristen Neel, an 18-year-old Georgian Republican.

Neel will probably be quite disappointed when she lands down under. Their Prime Minister is a female atheist.

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And those moving to Canada will also be incredibly upset. We're guessing our health care system, which Mitt Romney ran against repealing, is their worst nightmare.

But if these folks still want to head on up here, a traffic reporter in Tulsa, Oklahoma is telling people the most quick and direct route to Winnipeg, the closest Canadian city to Tulsa.

Jeff Brucculeri said he was responding to a special request and started giving directions.

A map appeared on screen and it looks pretty simple. Just two highways in the U.S. and then potential new immigrants will hit the Canadian border.

It was "just a big tongue-in-cheek joke," Brucculeri told Yahoo! Canada News. "People say 'if so-n-so doesn't win, I'm moving to Canada.' I thought I'd exploit it like SNL."

Clearly his colleagues were entertained by the bit as you can hear them laughing in the background the whole time. And good for Brucculeri for keeping a straight face and at least acting like he was serious.

While the skit was hilarious, it is a bit inaccurate. The closest Canadian city to Tulsa is actually Windsor, Ontario. The directions are more complicated, but drivers would make it to Windsor in two fewer hours than Winnipeg. Just don't ask Toronto mayor Rob Ford for directions.

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