U.S. TV host Keith Olbermann calls Rob Ford ‘worst person in the world’

U.S. political pundit and TV host Keith Olbermann has called Toronto mayor Rob Ford the "worst person in the world" during a segment on his show Friday.

The left-leaning commentator is calling Ford this because of how he dealt with the situation with "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" comedian Mary Walsh.

Walsh, playing her famous character warrior princess Marg Delahunty, with camera in tow walked up Ford's driveway Monday morning. Delahunty tried to talk to the mayor, but he went back inside his house and called the police. Shortly after that reports surfaced that the mayor swore at the 911 dispatchers and lost his temper.

Olbermann refers to Ford's statement on the issue as the classic non-apology apology.

"When I made the 911 call, I was concerned and upset. I was repeatedly told police were arriving soon," says Olberman, reading Ford's statement obtained by CBC, in his best Bob and Doug MacKenzie accent. "I did use the f-word at some point as I expressed my frustration. I never called anyone any names. I apologize for expressing my frustration inappropriately."

Olbermann goes on to say the situation may actually be worse than what Ford says because of what anonymous CBC sources are saying.

Olbermann gave the bronze to Glenn Beck for mocking Shamar Thomas, a war veteran who was yelling at police during the Occupy Wall Street protest. In a non-violent way, Thomas confronted the officers for using excessive force on protesters.

The silver went to Wonderland Party for selling what he calls the worst Halloween costumes ever - garb children would have worn in London during the second world war.

"Toronto's Rob effing Mr. Ford, the mayor of this effing city, today's effing worst person in the effing world," says Olbermann to close out his segment.

Olbermann now has his show on Al Gore's Current TV network after parting ways with MSNBC.

(CBC photo)

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