UK ‘Batman’ turns out to be a joker

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Batman has revealed his secret identity and he isn't a billionaire named Bruce Wayne. He's a Chinese food delivery man, according to according to AgenceFrance-Presse.

The man who hauled a suspect into a police station in Bradford, northern England while dressed in an ill-fitting Batman costume is named Stan Worby.

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Worby, 39, said he was wearing the Batman costume to a soccer match when his friend asked for a ride to the police station, where he planned to turn himself in on charges related to theft and fraud.

The caped crusader revealed his secret identity to the news station ITV, saying he thought it would be funny to stay in his superhero costume when he went to the police station.

"Obviously it was done as a joke," he told the show Daybreak. Worby said he was shocked at the worldwide attention he was getting. Media reported widely that an unidentified man appeared to be fighting crime in a superhero costume and he had caught his first suspect.

"I've caught this one for you!" he reportedly told the officers before leaving.

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The media also poked fun at the British Batman for his pot-belly. Worby was not impressed. He told ITV that it only looks like he's portly in the image because he was wearing a full tracksuit beneath the costume.

Surely we can't object to our superheroes staying warm while they keep our streets safe.