UK fish salesman could be the next Psy

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Someone may have found the next Psy at an unusual place — a fish stand in London, England.

Several months after a freelance web designer named Colin Miller recorded a fish salesman singing a catchy tune about £1 fish for sale, a major label has released a music video that's as silly and entertaining as Gangnam style.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, dubbed the £1 Fish Man, didn't make it far when he auditioned for The X Factor but now he has a record deal with Warner Music Group, indicated on the video's copyright.

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Nazir was already popular among locals who came to the Queens Market where he worked.

"The bloke is a legend," Colin Miller, wrote beneath the original YouTube recording of the song. "One Pound Fish, market stall trader. He certainly entertains the good folk of East London with his unique song."

Miller added a link to the professional video release, encouraging others to support the singer.

"I want you all to buy it and make this lovely guy famous!!" the post says.

The remixes have already begun. Timbaland, Mindless Behaviour, and The Poke have all covered "£1 Fish."

But Nazir told the Sun that he would always work at his fish stall.

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"I love this stall and these fish," he reportedly said. "None of this would have happened without the fish."