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UK zoo bans animal prints because of confused wildlife

A one-month-old zebra stands next to its mother in their enclosure at a Belgian zoo.Trendy or not, the UK's Chessington World of Adventures Resort wants visitors to leave their animal print clothing in the closet, lest the animals think they're trying to join the jungle.

The Telegraph reported the resort has hired "Animal Print Bouncers," to watch for any visitors who think it's clever to sport a zebra print top while visiting the zebras — and cover-up their attire with a grey boiler suit.

The zoo has banned animal prints after launching ZUFARI, a safari-style tour that brings visitors close to rhinos, giraffes and other wildlife, because staff noticed animals becoming a bit too cozy with humans that seemed to share their coat colour — or nervous around those dressed like predators, according to the Telegraph.

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Chessington spokesperson Natalie Dilloway told Metro the animals involved with ZUFARI live in an environment similar to the wild, so a truck full of creatures that look like zebras approaching at high speed could leave them dumbfounded.

To avoid confusing giraffes and beckoning tigers with familiar patterns, Dilloway told media the zoo had banned prints including zebra, giraffe, leopard, cheetah, tiger, spotted hyena, striped hyena and African wild dog.

Time to change your plans for that African wild dog-print dress in your closet.


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