VHS tapes credited with saving woman’s life from bullet

A elderly woman in Nebraska should be very happy she didn't upgrade her video collection from VHS tapes to DVDs.

Chanitel Welchen told KETV bullets that entered his mother's home were stopped by the video tapes and furniture. He heard about 30 rounds go off Tuesday night. He said one of the rounds entered and exited the home and another was stopped the tapes. The bullets could have easily ricocheted and killed his mom.

Welchen's mother isn't the first person to be saved by an unusual object. The most famous is probably the story of John Taylor, the third president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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In 1844, he was with church founder Joesph Smith and Smith's brother Hyrum in an Illinois jail when the Smiths were killed by a mob. Taylor was injured, but it's said his life was spared when a musket ball shot at him was stopped by a pocket watch he was carrying.

While a good story, recent analysis shows it may not be true. The watch may have been damaged when Taylor fell.

And in 2007, an antique shop owner in Mississippi was being robbed when one of the suspects pulled a gun.

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He threw his hands in the air as a shot was fired, but the bullet was deflected by his wedding ring. According to Metro, police said the ring saved his life even though part of the bullet ended up in his neck and part in his middle finger.

Turns out being married really can help you live longer.

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