Video tribute to bullied teen by Vancouver students goes viral

Daily Buzz

A video created by three B.C. university students of Jamey Rodemeyer has caught the attention of thousands of YouTube viewers.

Rodemeyer, who was bullied for being gay, committed suicide and was found dead on Sept. 18. Since then, thousands of people have paid tribute to Rodemeyer's memory, including one of Jamey's online friends Sara Nazeman.

Nazeman and her friends Jason Bring and Ines Mitchell put together this video to honour Rodemeyer and create a positive message for others who feel the same way he did:

'Paws up' is a reference to the sign Lady Gaga fans use to salute the pop star. Lady Gaga, who is a very vocal gay rights activist, was a favourite of Rodemeyer as well as Nazeman, Bring and Mitchell.

Since it was posted Thursday, the video has attracted more than 45,000 views.

The Vancouver trio are hoping to catch the attention of Lady Gaga with their 'Paws Up Forever' video, and they're well on their way. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton shared their video on his website on Saturday and requested that Lady Gaga watch it, too.

But like Lady Gaga, who is going to talk to U.S. President Obama about creating an anti-bullying law, the ultimate goal of the three video producers was to spread a message of love and support to those who may be troubled by the same issues as Rodemeyer.

"I hope that it saves peoples lives and maybe someone who is contemplating suicide, they'll rethink by watching this video," Nazeman said in a CTV article. "Maybe someone who is a bully will watch it and see how it affects people and they'll stop bullying."

Rodemeyer's death came as a shock to his family and friends, who thought he had hit a turning point when he made this video in May as a part of the It Gets Better Project. He talks positively about his experience coming out as bisexual in March: