Viral ‘photobomb girl’ turns out to be from Ontario

Matt Coutts
Daily Buzz

Having a malleable face and an ability to sneak into the background of group photographs may not look very impressive on a resume, but it is certainly enough to garner internet fame and prompt an international hunt for your identity.

Users on Reddit, a social news website, went on the hunt after one such woman became famous — or at least internet famous — after several pictures of her executing the most horrifying photobombs were posted online.

The Daily Dot reported that the woman is a photographer named Kelsey Whyte who lives near Barrie, Ontario. And her ability to bend her face into unfortunate positions is beyond compare.

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Whyte has since embraced her new life as "photobomb girl," and held an chat on Reddit to answer a few questions.

Question: What's your most memorable experience with angry people (after you photobomb them)?


OK so either people hate my guts or love me.. One time I was at a bar at school and this girl was like I recognize you... your the photobomb girl, Im like YA all happy but then she goes I HATE YOU 10 minutes later a picture of her and all her friends was photobombed.

Question: Most successful photo bomb?


I think this one is my fav

1 I know nobody in this picture

2 its against a background in a secluded area for pictures

3 they didnt notice

Whyte has even reached out to Ellen Degeneres to appear on her show. No word on what Whyte has planned for her rubber face in the future.

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