Viral video shows man knocked down and dragged by a “ghost”

Thomas Bink
Daily Buzz

A video that has garnered over 2 million views has caught the attention of the mainstream media and paranormal skeptics.

In the video, posted on YouTube by Gamamori a year ago, shows a man in a hoodie apparently attacked and dragged by "Black Entity, possibly a Ghost or Demon" in a hallway security camera.

The poster says "I love how people claim the video is fake right away just because they think that ghosts are not real! Well, maybe the guy who was pushed down in the video and dragged half way down the hall didn't think ghosts were real either until the encounter."

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Regardless, skeptics have stepped forward questioning the validity of the video.

"Stop the video at exactly 0:49 ... you will notice that he is detaching something from his leg," one commenter writes. "I am 100 percent sure of hit. It also explains why the apparition didn't have any reflection on the floor or the glossy wall."

"The way he struts down the hall ... looks like acting," posts another.

"Hey good attempt at cgi. Salute," wrote another commenter. "I would recommend to change your filter and look at the floor. The floor lighting is not distorted. You did the wall well, but pay that in mind on the next attempt."

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But not everyone is convinced it's a fake.

"I have seen plenty of these shadow people," one commenter writes. "I had one right in front of me during the day when I got out of the bath. Never been so scared!"