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Watch the world welcome 2013 with fireworks and more

It's officially 2013 the world over, and people ushered in this new year with a real bang. From fireworks to strange rituals, here's a look at some of our favourite videos documenting the weird and wonderful ways people have been celebrating the new year:

It's not a real New Year celebration until someone sets off fireworks! And major cities around the world did just that with astonishing displays that lit up the night sky. From Auckland, New Zealand to Rio, Brazil, the fireworks shows were really something to see.

The famous London Eye Ferris Wheel was the centrepiece of of London, England's New Year's fireworks show. Tens of thousands gathered along the River Thames to watch the display light up the night sky.

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In Europe, many joined in the annual polar bear swim, plunging into just-above freezing water to mark the new year. Similar traditions are also popular in the Maritimes and other regions here in Canada.

For many North Americans, no New Year's Eve celebration is complete without watching New York City's Times Square celebration. An estimated one million people gathered to watch the ball drop, with millions more tuning in on television, although this year's celebration was tinged with some sadness: it's the first year that Times Square has rung in the new year without Dick Clark, the famous host behind Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve.

In a unique take on the famous ball drop in New York City, Key West residents cheer on drag queen "Sushi" as she descends on a giant shoe in the final moments of the year, a tradition she has been participating in for the last 16 years.

Japanese residents flocked to shrines to offer up prayers and coins in order to receive blessings for the coming year. In Afghanistan, a small group of U.S. soldiers marked the new year with a brisk jog in the early morning chill.

Pope Benedict gave his annual address, encouraging peace and denouncing the evils of capitalism as the world enters another financially-tenuous year.

Leader of the largely secretive North Korea Kim Jong-Un made a public address via television to mark the new year, saying that he would like seek an end to the confrontation with South Korea. Kim Jong-Un and his wife also celebrated by taking in a concert.

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