Water main break causes a #poonami on the streets of London

Talk about a crappy situation!

Residents of London were in a real mess this morning after a reported water main burst in the streets of Kennington, creating a feces-filled flood. Don't you just love the smell of sewage in the morning?

Visual journalist and innovations specialist Lewis Whyld tweeted a series of photographs of what Londoners are calling the #poonami or #londonpoo. The hashtags of this dirty disaster went viral as Londoners are trying to deal with this “apoocalypse.”

Angela Reynolds told ITV, “The water is revolting, brown, muddy — well I hope it’s mud."

She said the water just flooded the road in 10 minutes when the Clapham Road water main broke late last night. The company responsible, Thames Water, posted on its website that repairs are underway. They apologized for any inconveniences the flood of sewage may have caused. Inconveniences? Ya, how about the inconvenience of poo all over your new shoes. Not to mention the foul smell.

If you were smart like these people, you would have strapped a couple plastic bags onto your feet and jumped on the back of one of these helpful firemen!

This video shows people, bagged up to their knees, trying to get through the foul-smelling crud, many with the aid of a firefighter. Not too sure what everyone is laughing about in the background because this #poonami seriously stinks. There are others that don’t seem to be bothered by the #londonpoo, like this woman walking right through it.

Many took to bicycles to avoid becoming ankle deep in poop-town.

Never mind ankle-deep, these firefighters are nearly knee-deep in the stuff! Pee-you!

If you feel bad for laughing now, you haven’t seen anything yet. Some of the tweets are just too funny.

The Metropolitan Police in Lambeth tweeted that residents should stay indoors. I bet these firemen will never be happier to see a shower once this shift is over!

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