Winter storm’s force documented in time-lapse videos

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A destructive winter storm unofficially dubbed 'Nemo' hit parts of the Eastern U.S. and Canada over the weekend, causing widespread damage in some areas, burying cars and sending shivering residents inside — where they set up cameras.

An assortment of time-lapse videos show in high-speed how the storm racked the outdoors. Pour a cup of tea before watching these chilly videos. The snow looks like a growing monster.

Darren Wright in Guelph, Ontario recorded this video of Nemo's wrath in one part of Canada.

Another video, recorded in New Hampshire, shows the slow, sad death of a gnome by gradual piling of snow because as you know, gnomes can't move while humans are watching. You should have run away before the camera came on, gnome friend.

There's nothing like a snow blower set to classical music, as this videographer in Boston proved when he sped up the storm's progress, documenting some rigorous snow removal and speedy snowman building.

The world was getting fuzzy near the end of this time-lapse filmed in Connecticut, as snow piled up in the yard and around the window, nearly blocking the camera's entire view.

Another musical time-lapse masterpiece seems to daily life in Palmer, Massachusetts, with cars zooming by and the wind blowing in trees. Before long, however, it's a terrifying winter nightmare.