Woman becomes Internet sensation after tweeting about President ‘Barraco Barner’

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Gemma Worrall became an Internet sensation after calling U.S. President Barack Obama "Barraco Barner."

There are times in life when the only reaction that can be mustered is that wide-eyed, “OMG did that really just happen” kind of expression.

This is one of those times.

At about 1:30 am on March 3, 20-year-old beautician Gemma Worrall sent out this tweet:

"If barraco barner is our president why is he getting involved with Russia, scary."

There’s just so much wrong happening here, I’m not sure where to begin.

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Barraco Barner. Barraco Barner … if you say it real fast ten times it sounds like you’re drunk-talking about the president. Maybe she can just blame it on the a-a-alcohol …

I guess, if you lived in England … presumably under a rock … and never picked up a newspaper, like ever, you might assume that’s how you spell the president of the United States’ name.

Perhaps she was phonetically sounding it out because she just had to tweet to the world her opinion on Russia’s crisis at that moment. President Ba-rraco Bar-ner … ya that sounds about right.

NEWSFLASH sweetheart: that little contraption you’re using to send out your ‘infamously uneducated’ tweet also has an option where you can actually search the Internet for the American presidents name. Yes, believe it or not, we have that technology.

Many from around the world tweeted back to her, informing her that her presidential blunder had made headlines, many more calling her an “idiot” among much worse names.

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Worrall has blamed her iPhone’s ‘auto-correct’ failure for the spelling error, because, well let’s face it, if iPhone says it’s wrong, it must be.

Despite becoming famous as the girl who fudged up the president’s name, it hasn’t broken her spirit.

Even though people are getting personal about the whole ordeal, she tweeted that she's still laughing at herself for the whole thing.

It’s good to see she can bounce back from this embarrassment.

That’s e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-m-e-n-t. You might want to look it up.

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