Woman blames bus driver for her tardiness, passenger puts her in her place

Daily BuzzMay 27, 2014

A video of an argument between two New York City transit passengers has surfaced this week and is quickly gaining popularity online.

A woman, enraged because she is late, takes her frustrations out on the driver of the bus, but one of the passengers decides to put the woman in her place.

The bus apparently stopped to pick up a handicap person in a wheelchair, creating a delay and making the woman, and everyone else on the bus, late.

We don’t see the actual altercation between the woman and the bus driver, but according to the male passenger who stands up for the driver, she was screaming at the driver and calling him 'retarded'. That’s when a male passenger decided to pipe up and make this woman look like a complete fool, and created a little comic relief for the rest of the people on the crowded bus.

“Everybody late, it’s New York. You wanna be on time? Go to Jamaica and walk to work,” he says, making many around him giggle.

The woman does not find the joke funny. She continues to rant while the man tells her that it’s not the driver’s fault that she’s late.

The woman goes off and the passengers have a front row seat to this hilarious bus brawl. Little does she realize how ridiculous she sounds blaming a bus driver for her tardiness; the man was just doing his job.

“I’m probably gonna get fired I’m mad late!” says the man to the woman as she grumbles. “I’m not gonna get mad at the bus driver, it’s my fault! I should have been on the 12:10 instead of the 12:13 bus, that’s my fault, it ain’t his fault,” he says to the woman, hoping to convince her that there is no one to blame but herself.

The guy filming can’t contain his laughter when the woman begins calling the man she’s arguing with ‘retarded.'

“I’m retarded, too? Me and the bus driver both retarded. Everybody’s retarded now. Who else on this bus is retarded?” he asks around, while people laugh. He makes a ‘short bus’ joke and tells the driver to slow down, embarrassing the woman further as passengers laugh even harder.

I’m sure the driver appreciated the man standing up to the woman on his behalf. It’s not everyday we see people standing up for one another, especially as strangers.

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