Woman fined for bring pooping pony into UK McDonald’s

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Ponies and fast food don't mix! (Image courtesy Twitter/

When a McDonald's in Greater Manchester, UK, forbade a woman from turning their drive-through into a trot-through this weekend, she brought her horse inside the restaurant where it left a surprise no one wanted with their Happy Meals.

The Telegraph reported police fined Christine McGrail £90 for "distressing" — and disgusting — diners when her daughter Olivia's pony pooped on the floor. The mother and daughter had initially tried to use the drive-through, but staff turned them away citing health and safety reasons.

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McGrail told the Telegraph that when staff said to come inside, she thought it would be okay to bring the pony, Minnie, inside with her. After all, Minnie likes McFlurries too.

Twitter user Holly Sinar posted pictures of the mess and the horse, joking the incident was quite a surprise.

Please note: Profanity removed

The Telegraph quoted residents of the neighbourhood saying they've taken their horses through the drive-through before, but McDonald's insisted animals were not allowed.

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What's a horse to do to get her Big Mac?