Woman jailed for not returning ‘Monster-in-Law’ VHS tape

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Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez in New Line Cinema's Monster-In-Law - 2005

Always remember to return your rented VHS video tapes!

Wait a minute …VHS? As in cassette videotapes?

What year are we in again?

It’s true. A woman from Pickens County, South Carolina, was arrested last week for not returning her VHS copy of one of JLo’s greatest, “Monster-In-Law”.

If renting a bad Jennifer Lopez movie is grounds for imprisonment, then most of us are guilty of this cardinal sin, admit it.

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Kayla Finley, 27, rented the movie in 2005 and when she failed to return the video, the owner filed a warrant against her.

Finley was at the sheriff’s office for an unrelated reason last week when she was arrested for the warrant, years after it had been issued and long after the video store had been closed. Maybe because it’s 2014 and some of us have never even heard of a VHS.

Finley was actually arrested and spent a night in the slammer.

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Oh yes, throw this woman in jail; she’s a real threat to society.

Pickens County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, Creed Hashe, said that Finley had been sent several certified letters about the warrant for the unreturned video.

Next time you’re torn between Gigli and The Wedding Planner, just remember you could be spending the night behind bars if you don’t return it!

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