Yelp reviews get melodramatic treatment from professional actors

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

If you've ever wanted to know how seriously some people take their meals, try perusing Yelp's restaurant review section.

The online community is a goldmine for business recommendations. And while many contributors provide helpful and informative feedback, there's always a minority that ends up composing screeds so detailed and so violent in their hatred, you wonder how these folks manage to get through a regular day if poor service is enough to make them apoplectic.

On the flip side are reviewers who want you to know their lunch was like winning the lottery and finding religion simultaneously.

And in the grand tradition of famous people dramatically reading ridiculous things from the Internet, two actors have brought a pair of Yelp's choicest reviews to life.

Thanks to a sweeping score and a high dose of melodrama, Chris Kipiniak manages to make a customer's experience with an indifferent manager sound like a Shakespearean tragedy.

His talented Good Wife co-star Therese Plummer transforms one diner's digestive upset into a bizarrely compelling review for a London restaurant.

The videos come courtesy of YouTube user Joe Plummer, who we can only hope is planning to release more of these mini productions.

But although both actors do a spectacular job with the material, it's still hard to beat William Shatner's inspired poetic recitation of Sarah Palin's Twitter feed.