Air Canada plane makes emergency landing after reports of falling debris

An Air Canada plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Toronto's Pearson International Airport Monday after debris reportedly fell from the plane.

The Boeing 777 took off from Toronto heading for Narita, Japan, said Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick. Shortly after takeoff, one of the two engines shut down and the plane headed back to Pearson.

Investigators know of four vehicles being hit by pieces of metal about the size of a cellphone. Shortly before the debris was reported, witnesses saw a plane with smoke coming from one of its engines.

"As it was travelling away from Pearson we had other complaints stating that debris, consisting of metal objects, was falling for the sky," said Peel regional police Const. George Tudos to The Canadian Press.

Tudos said while the police can't positively say the debris came from the plane, they believe it did and they are investigating.

Despite the engine failure, the plane landed safely on one engine and all 318 passengers and 16 crew were uninjured

With files from The Canadian Press

(CBC image not of plane that made emergency landing)

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