Angry Justin Bieber fans vandalize Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page

undefinedIf you were wondering "who the heck is Esperanza Spalding" as she accepted her Grammy for Best New Artist, you are not alone.

But anyone who searched online following Sunday night's awards show may have been ill-informed, to say the least.

According to Gawker, angry fans of Justin Bieber retaliated against the Canadian teen heartthrob's Grammy snub by vandalizing her Wikipedia page.

After the opening paragraph was updated to include Spalding's Grammy accomplishment, the tail-end of the paragraph was later edited by an angry Bieber fan.

"JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT GO DIE IN A HOLE WHO THE HECK ARE YOU ANYWAY?" was added following the mention of the Grammy win, but the dislike didn't stop there.

Aspiring fans of the jazz bassist/singer may have been shocked to learn her middle name is "Quesadilla," or "Justin." The relatively unknown Spalding was further vilified for her lack of a household name as the "Be-liebers" wrote "she now has the 2011 Grammy for being the Best New Artist! Even though no one has ever heard of her! Yay!"

The contents of Spalding's Wikipedia page have since been restored, but this recent attack illustrates  problems with user-edited content sites such as Wikipedia. Canadian university professors have long considered Wikipedia an illegitimate source of information, largely because of the casual user's ability to edit information at will.

(Image courtesy of BuzzFeed)