• Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues to lose support from things he hold near and dear. Yesterday his beloved Toronto Argonauts CFL team distanced itself from the mayor, after he made some wildly inappropriate comments while wearing a team jersey.

    Today it is Iceberg Vodka. Of course it is.

    Iceberg Vodka released a statement about responsible drinking after Ford admitted to drinking and driving on Thursday.

    "I might have, I don’t recall, yeah, I might have had some drinks and I’ve driven," Ford told reporters in Toronto, before scoffing at the idea that anyone might not have a history of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

    "I’m not perfect, maybe you are but I’m not, OK, and I know none of you, I know none of you have ever, ever had a drink and got behind the wheel, I know that, I know."

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    Rob Ford stripped of some mayoral authority, threatens legal action

    Ontario could intervene in Rob Ford affair if asked by council

    Time to talk about who should replace Toronto Mayor

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  • We all know by now that you cook hamburgers thoroughly to kill any E. coli bacteria that may be present from the processing of the ground beef.

    But you could still enjoy a rare steak or a pink prime rib roast because any E. coli would only be on the surface and would be killed by cooking. Right?

    Apparently not. At least some E. coli outbreaks have been attributed to mechanically tenderized beef – that is, meat cuts that have been run through a machine that punctures them with needles or blades to break the connective tissue. Sometimes a marinade is also added. Tenderizing makes cheaper cuts of meat more palatable.

    According to scientists, the process drives the sometimes deadly E. coli bacteria inside the beef where, as with hamburger, it's harder to kill unless cooked to a higher internal temperature.

    The trouble is supermarkets aren't required to label packages of beef that have been mechanically tenderized.

    [ Related: Canadian beef recall expands over E. coli fears ]

    USA Today reported

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  •  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was stripped of some key mayoral powers on Friday, and he is already threatening to take the decision to court.

    City council voted 39-3 in favour of limiting the mayor's ability to hire and fire his deputy mayor and comittee chairs in a bid to bring some certainty to the spiraling chaos ongoing at city hall.

    Those authorities are shifted to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly and standing committee chairs for the balance of Ford's term in office.

    City council futher voted 41-2 in favour of shifting emergency management authority to the deputy mayor. Coun. John Filion made this comment in relation to the mayor, who has had several admitted "drunken stupors" during his time in office, holding any authority in a time of emergency:

    We are quite fortunate that no emergencies have landed on the same dates in which the mayor's judgement may have been impaired.

    Ford has shown a tendency of firing members of his executive committee who speak out against him during the ongoing substance

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    Crack admissions, police investigations and an epic series of loutish behaviour has been enough to make Toronto Mayor Rob Ford a mainstay on U.S. comedy shows over the past few weeks, and last night was no exception.

    On a day that began with Ford making vulgar and offensive comments about oral sex and his wife, was it any doubt late-night hosts would jump back onto the collapse of Toronto's mayor? No, there was no doubt.

    Of course, much of the comedy came from simply showing video of the mayor doing all the things he has been doing, so the punchlines are comparatively weak.

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, who has offered some of the best commentary on Ford's ongoing series of "WTF" moments, commented on the latest allegations against Ford, released in police documents, calling him a "one-man episode of Cops".

    He then aired the infamous Ford interview in which he describes in graphic detail a sex act he performs on his wife (and allegedly only his wife), at which point the crowd basically

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    News item: The B.C. government is pledging $300,000 in relief aid for the victims Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

    That's three times as much as China's initial donation, which was far, far less than flat-pack furniture purveyor Ikea is offering.

    Yes, the world's second-largest economy and the Philippines' regional neighbour, offered what amounts to the chain in the hallway coin tray to help millions of people displaced by what many consider the most powerful storm to make landfall in recorded history.

    "So many British Columbians have roots in the Philippines – family or friends the storm has left homeless, missing or waiting to be rescued," Premier Christy Clark said in a statement.

    "The provincial government will match every dollar British Columbians donate to the Canadian Red Cross - up to $300,000."

    As the scope of the Nov. 8 disaster, whose death toll so far is 1,800 and could reach 10,000, became apparent, the federal government pledged $5 million the following day, then later

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  • If you happen to spot fit-looking men lurking around your neighbourhood, they may not be baddies. The could be, as Robert Westbrook discovered recently, Canadian commandos.

    The Port Hawkesbury, N.S., resident found his patriotism challenged recently when he stumbled on a secret training exercise by Canadian soldiers, including possibly members of Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), two blocks from his home.

    According to CBC News, the 46-year-old freelance photographer went down to an abandoned telephone call centre near his house in the small Cape Breton town on Oct. 25 to check out some unusual evening activity. He thought perhaps the building had a new tenant, with the prospect of jobs for local residents.

    As he approached and started taking photos, two men in civilian clothes confronted him, Westbrook told CBC News. One identified himself as a military policeman and the other, who called himself "Adam," said he was handling security for a military "training evolution," at the

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  •  A Canadian man is alleged to be at the centre of a huge international child-porn operation that apparently hid in plain sight for years.

    Police in a dozen countries have arrested almost 350 people in a three-year operation dubbed Project Spade, spearheaded by the Toronto Police Service's child-exploitation section, and that 386 children were rescued.

    Toronto resident Brian Way, 42, faces two dozen charges, including multiple counts of making and distributing child pornography and one of instructing the commission of an offence for a criminal organization, the first time such a charge has been laid in Canada connected to child exploitation, Toronto police said in their news release Thursday.

    Way has been in custody since May of 2011 after being nabbed in an online undercover sting operation, the Globe and Mail reported.

    The fresh wave of arrests includes 108 Canadians, 50 of them in Ontario, as well as suspects in countries ranging from the United States to Spain, Mexico, Ireland, Hong

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    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne handed Toronto city councillors an apparent roadmap outlining how to remove Mayor Rob Ford from office, although she expressed trepidation at the idea of the province getting involved.

    "As I have said from day one, we have been watching this situation closely and listening carefully," Wynne told reporters at Queen's Park. "Events obviously continue to move quickly. The things we are seeing and hearing about Mayor Rob Ford are truly disturbing."

    Wynne said that, as premier, there are several principles which she must adhere to in this situation.

    First, Toronto has a mayor and council elected by the people and it is "up to the municipal level of government to address the issues that they face." She said it is not the province's intention to get involved.

    However, Toronto city council has to be able to function. If council clearly indicates to the province that they are unable to cope under the ongoing crisis, the province would be open to considering all

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  •  OK, so Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a train wreck. I don't intend to editorialize, but we have to start off on the right foot here. Because it is time to talk about who should replace him.

    Yesterday, city council formally urged Ford to take a temporarily leave and seek treatment for substance abuse issues. Meantime, freshly-unredacted police documents contained new allegations of drunk driving, drug use and the possible solicitation of prostitutes.

    Ford's response was to threaten legal action against former staff members who spoke to police and make some wildly inappropriate comments about cunnilingus.

    Ford maintains that he will run again in the 2014 mayoral election, and that statement has always been somewhat concerning for those who don’t want to see Toronto devolve into the cartoon city from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    But a new poll suggests Ford's increasingly bizarre reaction to this weeks-long drug abuse scandal hasn't helped his support base as much as he'd like.

    An Ipsos Reid poll

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    Mayor Rob Ford reacts at city council members in Toronto on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 regarding new allegations against him. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan DenetteYesterday it was announced that Toronto's Santa Claus Parade did not want Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to participate in its annual event and today something much closer to Ford's heart has turn its back on the embattled mayor.

    Ford made some obscene comments about a former staffer and his wife early Thursday morning, and he did it while wearing a Toronto Argonauts jersey.

    It turns out that the Argos were not fans of that terrible free publicity. In a series of tweets, the Toronto Argonauts admonished Ford for his actions and the comments made while wearing the jersey.

    Here is their statement:

    Toronto Argonauts Statement: It's well-known that the Mayor is a big fan and supporter of the game of football.

    The Toronto Argonauts organization is not in a position to comment on the manner of dress of public officials.

    The situation with respect to the Mayor and his leadership is unseemly at best. These latest remarks, while wearing our team's jersey, are particularly disappointing given our

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