• One suspect has been arrested in connection to a brazen and deadly Toronto bank robbery, police said on Tuesday while appealing for more help from the public in capturing a second suspect.

    Staff Insp. Mike Earl of the hold-up squad confirmed that 26-year-old Andre Palmer, of Brampton, Ont. was arrested and charged in connection to the weekend robbery, during which two people were shot and injured.

    A second suspect remains at large, and Earl believes the public could hold the key to tracking him down.

    “In a serious event like this, a horrific robbery like this… we reach out to the public and hope they public takes it in, digests it and steps forward to call police,”  Earl said, in an interview aired on CP24.

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    Police previously released video of the robbery, in which two masked suspects "took over" a TD Bank on St. Clair Avenue in Toronto's west end.

    The video shows two armed suspects jump the counter and demand

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  • As the case against two suspected terrorists accused of plotting to inflict massive casualties in an attack on Canadian soil began working its way through the criminal justice system on Tuesday, questions linger about who the two men are and how they would have got involved in an alleged plot against the country where they chose to live.

    Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, and Raed Jaser, 35, made separate court appearances in Montreal and Toronto, one day after being arrested in an RCMP-led investigation into an alleged plot to derail a VIA Rail passenger train outside of Toronto.

    Both appearances were brief. According to Reuters, Esseghaier told a Montreal courtroom that conclusions had been drawn from actions and “were only appearances.” He was remanded and was expected to appear in a Toronto court, likely next week.

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    CBC News reports that a Toronto judge granted a publication ban on the case against Jaser on Tuesday, who

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  • RCMP Chief Superintendent Gaeten Courchesne (L) speaks during a news conference as Assistant Commissioner James Malizia (R) looks on in Toronto, Ontario, April 22, 2013. REUTERS/Aaron Harris (CANADA - Tags: CRIME LAW TRANSPORT CIVIL UNREST)Iran is furious that the peace-loving nation has been implicated in a terrorist plot on Canadian soil, denying any involvement and accusing Canada’s “radical” government of harassing the Islamic republic – even though Canadian officials have not leveled any accusations against them.

    Reuters reports that Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was furious the country had been connected to a terrorist plot to derail a passenger train and inflict mass casualties on Canadian soil.

    "No shred of evidence regarding those who've been arrested and stand accused has been provided," Mehmanparast told a local news agency.

    "In recent years, Canada's radical government has put in practice a project to harass Iran and it is clear that it has pursued these hostile actions."

    Canadian intelligence officials announced on Monday that the plot to derail a passenger train outside of Toronto had been linked to al-Qaeda elements in Iran. Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, of

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  • A case that experts hoped would clarify the rights of sperm donors in Canada has been settled out of court, leaving unclear the legal boundaries around the guy who provides his little swimmers and the parents who use them.

    According to the National Post, the lesbian couple being sued by their sperm donor agreed to settle the case shortly before a trial was scheduled to begin.

    Under the deal, the northern Ontario man who launched the suit, and his parents, will be allowed a one-time public meeting with his offspring, now two years old, but they can't reveal his relationship to the little boy or even touch him, the Post said.

    The parties to the case cannot be identified because of a publication ban, though they were named in previous news reports.

    The man launched the suit after having second thoughts about the agreement he'd signed promising to have nothing to do with the child he fathered. He also believed the biological mother, an acquaintance from childhood days, had reneged on her

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  • Leah Parsons, mother of late 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons, leaves St. Mark's Anglican church with boyfriend Jason Barnes following her daughter's funeral in Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 13, 2013.If Leah Parsons gets her way, will they call it Rehtaeh's law or Amanda's law?

    Canadians are about to have a discussion about the need for new sanctions against firing nude pictures of someone off into cyberspace without their permission.

    Is a new law really necessary? Isn't illegal already, especially when the subjects like Rahtaeh are underage?

    Parsons, the mother of Rehtaeh Parsons, who killed herself after a photo of her alleged sexual assault was distributed, will be meeting Tuesday with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to talk about just such a law.

    "The meeting is specifically revolving around one aspect. It's revolving around changes to the Criminal Code," Parsons told The Canadian Press.

    Parsons told CP she and her boyfriend Jason Barnes were invited to meet with Harper. Her 17-year-old daughter died earlier this month, three days after she hanged herself in her bathroom.

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    The young Halifax woman

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  • The Edmonton Police Service released the premiere episode of their new web series The Squad on Friday. An Edmonton lawyer is challenging the city police's latest effort to engage the public via a slick online video series called The Squad.

    Defence lawyer Tom Engel watched the first episode that went up Friday on the Edmonton Police Service's YouTube channel. He told CBC News he was very disturbed by the apparent abuse of police power and breaches of Charter rights he saw.

    The series follows Squad Seven as "they confront crime and disorder in the city's west end," according to the police service's news release.

    "When The Squad responds you know justice will prevail."

    The slickly-produced 4 1/2-minute debut segment, which had more than 7,000 views as of Monday morning, shows Edmonton officers and a police dog combing the thick underbrush of the city's river valley at night for a screaming man.

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    He eludes them for some time before stumbling into the arms of other cops waiting on a nearby road.

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  • Canadian police and intelligence services arrested two men in an al-Qaeda-supported plot to attack a VIA Rail passenger train with the intention of inflicting mass causalities and causing terror on Canadian soil, investigators announced on Monday.

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced at a press conference that two men – Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser – were arrested in Montreal and Toronto on Monday after an extensive investigation into a plot believed to be connected to al-Qaeda.

    The plan to derail a passenger train – reportedly during a trip between Toronto and New York – could have resulted in a high number of casualties and scarred a region already suffering from last week’s bombing of the Boston Marathon.

    The RCMP said the suspects had scouted railroads in the Toronto area as part of their preparations. The pair had been under investigation for an extended period of time and investigators said they were ready to act if they went into action.

    The suspects are

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  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford offered to coach women interested in politics on his radio program.Canada’s political landscape features more female role models than ever, although there is always room for more.

    Five of Canada’s 10 provinces and one of its territories are currently led by women. Still, only 25 per cent of the House of Commons are women and most provinces, according to figures from the Globe and Mail, hover around or below 30 per cent female representation – evidence of a gap that has failed to be addressed.

    But perhaps that gap still exists because Toronto Mayor Rob Ford hasn’t offered to address it.

    The Toronto Star reports that Ford offered to go for coffee with any woman who was interested in running for politics, to give them pointers about how the system works.

    Let’s take a moment to remember that Ford recently won a legal challenge and was allowed to keep his seat as mayor after not reading the council’s code of conduct and therefore not realizing actions may have been suspect.

    So perhaps Rob Ford’s first rule about politics is “don’t understand politics.”

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  • Ontario Progressive Conservatives are not impressed with Kathleen Wynne's throne speech. Opposition leader Tim Hudak says the Liberals are leading the province to financial ruin, and vowed to vote against the speech.Ontario’s Liberal government simultaneously announced the timing of its next budget and warned its supporters to prepare for an election on Monday, but opposition parties may not let the fate of Queen’s Park wait until a new spending plan is announced on May 2.

    Finance Minister Charles Sousa announced on Monday that the budget would be tabled on May 2. If the NDP and Conservatives both vote against the Liberal budget, the government will fall and an election will be called.

    The Toronto Star reports that Sousa also announced Ontario’s deficit last year was only $9.8 billion — $5 billion less than expected.

     “We're putting forward a Budget that will benefit everyone. But if the opposition parties decide to force us into an unnecessary election, we'll be prepared to fight for what's right,” Sousa wrote in an email to supporters, appealing for donations to help in a re-election campaign.

    But it might not even get that far. Ontario’s new Liberal government may be brought down by old

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  • As the pungent scent of marijuana wafts over communities across Canada to mark 420 Day on Saturday, Bob Erb will be smiling.

    Erb — yes, that's his real name — is the B.C. man who won a $25-million Lotto Max prize last fall and pledged to use it to campaign for the legalization of marijuana, including bankrolling the unofficial day to celebrate the joys of weed.

    The 60-year-old resident of Terrace, B.C., who's been smoking up since the the late 1960s, will doubtless be sparking up a fatty.

    The reason for the significance of April 20 is clouded by, well, you know. A Toronto Star article suggests the origin lies in a group of California teens who lit up every day a 4:20 p.m., which is when many of the public commemorations begin.

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    If you wander down to a place like the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday, you'll likely get a second-hand high long before then. The Vancouver Province says organizers expect 20,000 people to vote with their Read More »from 4/20 bankrolled by B.C. lottery winner Bob Erb


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