Banff overpass crossing sets the scene for rare lynx photo

It's been a good winter for fans of rarely spotted wildlife.

First, B.C.'s Glacier National Park staff captured unique video footage of a dancing wolverine.

And now, as the Calgary Herald reports, a gorgeous snapshot of a Canadian lynx crossing the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park has thrilled biologists and nature lovers alike.

Motion sensitive cameras managed to snap the image as the majestic cat used a wildlife overpass to safely cross the throughway on an early morning in late March.

As the article notes, the six overpasses and 38 underpasses that traverse the Banff section of the highway have helped much of the area's wildlife safely get to the other side of the road.

In fact, since the project began in 1996, more than 200,000 animals — including grizzlies, cougars, and wolves — have walked across the highway in one piece.

The idea behind the project is twofold: the overpasses cut the incidence of animal deaths and they also allow wildlife experts to keep track of the number of crossings, thereby monitoring their effectiveness.

Previously, researchers noted the numbers by using animal prints, but the recent addition of motion sensitive cameras has made the system much more efficient.

They also allow for the occasional glimpse of the country's most spectacular creatures, like the image of the aforementioned lynx that Trevor Kinley opened in his email earlier this week.

"You can't help but be struck by how beautiful it is," the Parks Canada biologist and road ecologist told the Herald.

"I've only had a glimpse of one in the wild, so to capture such a clear image is a rare treat."