Best Gore owner defends hosting alleged Magnotta video

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Daily Brew

Montreal police continue to mull laying charges against the man who runs Best Gore, a website that hosted a video believed to show the dismemberment of 33-year-old Chinese student Lin Jun's corpse.

According to the Globe and Mail, the Edmonton-based site - a collection of gory images showing the aftermath of car accidents, executions and attacks - was the first to post the video alleged to have been shot by suspected murderer Luka Magnotta in his Montreal apartment.

At least one expert says broadcasting the video was illegal.

Michael Kempa, an associate professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa, told PostMedia News that it is a crime in Canada to post violent and graphic footage of an indictable offence and that doing so is not unlike posting child pornography, bestiality or "snuff" video or film.

In a post on the website, however, site operator Mark Marek scoffed at any suggestion that obscenity charges may be laid.

According to the National Post, he suggested making the video public allowed the Best Gore community to identify the suspect "days before the police" and exposed him for whom he is.

If doing that is a crime, he said, "then I better get put in jail, cause I'd rather be there than share the Earth with the sheep who support evil."

He added that this case has turned his life into one "big media jamboree," but isn't making any apologies for his website or posting the video.

"I don't seek controversy out. I may point fingers at it but I'm merely a messenger, a bringer of truth, regardless of how controversial," he wrote.

Marek says he removed the video the day police identified Magnotta as suspect.