Tom Flanagan compared to Sasquatch for wearing bison coat on CBC

A Conservative political commentator has murdered Sasquatch and turned its fur into a coat. Or he's making a fashion statement. Or he's reminding the CBC that it can't even afford heating.

We're not sure was Tom Flanagan was doing last night when he appeared on CBC's Power & Politics wearing an enormous fur coat, but everyone had fun speculating.

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Flanagan is a professor at the University of Calgary and he managed Stephen Harper's 2004 election campaign. He appeared on television to discuss the 'Clarity Act' and the proposed 'Unity Act,' related to a province's ability to separate from the country after a referendum.

The only point that seems to have stuck, however, is that Flanagan shares a fashion sense with the Ikea monkey, except his version of the furry coat is ugly. The cleverest Twitter users took to their keyboards.

One user compared Flanagan to characters from the world of the fantasy HBO show Game of Thrones, with its frequently uttered line, 'Winter is coming.'

Even the host of CBC's The National, Peter Mansbridge, got in a jab. Two, in fact.