Calgary police investigated for apparent Tim Hortons drag race

Matthew Coutts
National Affairs Reporter
Daily Brew

A video of two Calgary police cruisers seemingly racing to get the last chocolate glazed doughnut does not appear to show anything illegal, but it is being investigated nonetheless.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, captures two cruisers making what appears to be a dash for the iconic Canadian coffee shop. At the start of the video, the two cars are lined up in front of an unmarked police cruiser at a red light, and seem to be jockeying for position before the light turns green.

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One of the drivers then jumps out in front of his counterpart and cuts in front of the other. The pair then takes separate entrances into the Tim Hortons parking lot in an alleged attempt to beat one another to the front of the line.

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The Calgary Police Service is now investigating the incident, but told Sun News Network that it doesn’t appear the officers did anything illegal.

Chief Rick Hanson told the network:

I've noticed that the speeds for two of the police vehicles, I don't think made it to 50 km/h…. The bottom line is we talk about safety all the time and when somebody films what may appear to be an impropriety, we are obligated to have a look at it.

As far as police impropriety go, it appears pretty tame. As far as police stereotypes go, it's a bit on the nose.