Canada has most asteroid impacts: Map lists countries by bizarre factoids

No more falling asleep while perusing the atlas, there is finally a map filled with things you really want to know.

That's right, tired of world maps that contain nothing but the names of coutries and cities (and don't get me started on topography), Doghouse Diaries, a U.S. comic series, has released what Gawker is calling "the world's first interesting map," complete with information about what each region is really, truly great at.

Titled "What each country leads the world in," the map is filled with facts you may not have realized you needed to know.

Did you know that Russia leads the world in raspberries and nuclear warheads? You do now. Did you know that Netherlands has the tallest average population?

Or that Bolivia has the most brazil nuts? But don't sweat Brazil, it has the most FIFA World Cup titles.

Most of the lists gleaned for information come from Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt. Some descriptions in the above image may be a bit difficult to read, so click on to the Doghouse Diaries for a larger version.

But here are five of the best descriptions:

  • America: Nobel laureates and getting killed by lawnmowers

  • Rwanda: Women in parliament

  • Czech Republic: Drinking beer

  • Bulgaria: Living the American Dream (aka: highest level of home ownership)

  • Mongolia: Velociraptor bones.

And Canada? We have the most maple syrup and asteroid impacts, of course.

But you likely already knew that.

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