Canada selected as country with the best reputation once again

A Canadian flag is passed along fans during the B.C Lions game July 10, 2015. (Reuters)
A Canadian flag is passed along fans during the B.C Lions game July 10, 2015. (Reuters)

A new study on the world’s most reputable countries has placed Canada in the top spot.

The Reputation Institute, a global research and advisory firm for reputation, studied the reputation of 55 countries by interviewing 80,000 people around the world on their quality of life, quality of institutions like government, and the level of development as it related to the economy.

Here are the top 20 countries:

1. Canada
2. Norway
3. Sweden
4. Switzerland
5. Australia
6. Finland
7. New Zealand
8. Denmark
9. Netherlands
10. Belgium

11. Ireland
12. Austria
13. UK
14. Italy
15. Germany
16. Japan
17. Spain
18. Portugal
19. France
20. Singapore

This isn’t the first time Canada has made it to the top of the list, either. In 2011, Canada beat out the other nations in reputation, and stayed there in 2012 and 2013. It dipped to second in 2014 before moving back to top spot this year.

Notably absent from the top 20 is the United States; the U.S. ranked 22nd in the listing. The Reputation Institute found some of the most powerful countries in the world, like the United States, Russia and China, did not rank as highly on the list. Great power may bring great responsibility, but it apparently doesn’t bring a good reputation with it.

Among the top countries, however, the survey identified a couple of key markers that correlated with a good reputation. Countries that ranked highly in the World Happiness Report were found to be more reputable, as well as countries that ranked highly on the Global Peace Index. Countries with less corruption were also more likely to have a good reputation.

Where the U.S. did rank higher was in the internal reputation category. Based on the positive self-image of its citizens, the U.S. jumped to sixth place. The famously self-deprecating Canadians actually dropped one place, ranking second in internal reputation behind Australia.

Maybe that modesty is part of why Canada is just so darn liked by other countries.

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