Canada’s women will disappear in the year 4400, statistics show

John Size
Daily Brew

Don't worry about any pending apocalypse, Canada is due to become extinct in a few thousand years.

The Economist reports this week falling fertility rates around the world spell doom for many countries as the single life appeals to more women than replacing themselves through children.

Women in the wealthier parts of Asia, for example, are literally on a "marriage strike" leading to a drop in birth rates.

The United Nations reports women in 83 countries and territories around the globe won't have enough daughters to replace themselves unless fertility rates suddenly rise.

Using Hong Kong as an example, 1,000 women there are expected to give birth to 547 daughters. Those daughters would in turn be succeeded by only 299 daughters and so on.

At that rate, Hong Kong's female population would shrink from 3.75 million to just one in 25 generations. The last female would be born in 2798.

If you apply that theory to Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain, their populations won't last out the millennium.

Canada's last woman, using current statistics, would be born sometime around 4400. We fare better than most countries except Brazil, which will see its last woman born close to 5000.

And, China isn't about to save the world from eventual declining fertility rates either. Using the same UN population figures, it has a mere 1,500 years left before it too can't replace its women.

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