The Daily Show with Jon Stewart skewers Mayor Rob Ford, again

During a bizarre weekend faux apology, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he never intended on embarrassing the city. And yes, this is a bit of a relief, considering his actions over the course of his mandate have suggested otherwise.

But as he says, you can't change the past. And even his attempts to ignore the past, or at least clear his browser history, doesn't change the fact that Ford, and through him Toronto, has become a laughingstock.

Take the comedian news anchor Jon Stewart, who has previously chortled at Toronto's "crack mayor." On Monday, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart again pointed its mocking finger in our direction.

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Stewart keyed onto the revelation that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has confirmed the existence of a video reporting to show Ford smoking from a crack pipe.

Stewart also laughed at Ford's tepid weekend apology, during which Ford said that he shouldn't have gotten "hammered" at the Danforth. Ford instead said he should stay at home and get drunk in his basement.

"You realize, 'From now on I'm just going to get F'd up at home,' may not be the answer to either your substance abuse problems or your job as the guy who runs Toronto," Stewart quipped.

Among Stewart's zingers were calling smoking crack, acting racist and making homophobic remarks (all of which Ford is alleged to do in the video) a Canadian "hat trick."

Jay Leno, Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel have all previously made jokes about Ford and Toronto. But the good news is Ford totally didn't mean to embarrass the city.

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