Grieving Newtown father jeered by pro-gun activists

Matthew Coutts
National Affairs Reporter
Daily Brew

A warning for gun advocates in the U.S.: the best way to show you are not a gang of bullies is not by heckling the grieving father of a dead six-year-old boy.

Neil Heslin, whose son was shot dead in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December, was among some 1,500 people who appeared at the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group to discuss his stance on gun control.

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Considering his son was gunned down by a man with a Bushmaster semi-automatic assault rifle, he had some strong feelings on the topic.

Heslin asked lawmakers to improve mental health regulations and ban assault weapons.

According to the Connecticut Post, a dozen gun enthusiasts jeered the father, shouting "Second Amendment" as he spoke.

The Second Amendment is the “right to bear arms” section of the United States Bill of Rights that pro-gun activists claim lets them own killing machines capable of decimating a room full of children in a matter of moments.

They fear that right is under attack by President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, who are looking to implement new gun control measures.

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Some of the pro-gun crowd who joined the conversation did manage to add something of substance to the conversation.

According to the Post, Bill Stevens, whose daughter attends a school in Newtown, said this:

I will tell you here today, you will take my ability to protect my Victoria from my cold, dead hands.

He made his point not by shouting over a grieving father, but waiting his turn to speak. Although it is still not clear why he would need this much firepower.