Happy New Year: Toronto-area twins born in different years

This story out of the Toronto area is truly remarkable: A mother gave birth to twins overnight, with each child born in a different year.

Lindsay Salgueiro gave birth to two healthy daughters at Mississauga's Credit Valley Hospital. The first, Gabriela, arrived at 11:52 a.m. on Dec. 31, 2013. Her sister Sophia appeared 38 seconds after midnight, on Jan. 1, 2014.

Gabriela weighed six pounds and 16 ounces, with her sister weighing five pounds and 15 ounces.

Salgueiro told Yahoo Canada News that her due date was actually Jan. 19, and when she went into labour on Tuesday the doctors expected the birth to end well before midnight.

“With Gabby coming out at 11:52 on Dec. 31, my doctor was really pushing to get Sophie to come the same day and the same year. But she was too stubborn in there,” she said in a telephone interview from the hospital.

“She kind of held herself in there purposely to make it to 2014.”

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Gabby and Sophia have two brothers with birthdays around the same time: A five-year-old with a birthday in January and another brother who just celebrated his first birthday in December. Salgueiro’s birthday is also in December, while her husband’s is in September.

“He’s the one that’s got to empty his pockets for gifts,” she said with a laugh.

The main issue the Salgueiro family will face with twins born in different years is when it comes time to enroll the girls in school. Technically they will be eligible to start school in different years, but Lindsay suspects an exception can be made.

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While having twins born in different years is rare, it is not unheard of. Fox News reported that three different sets were born that way last year – in Buffalo, N.Y., Minnesota and Tampa, Fla.

Surprisingly, Sophia’s early 2014 birth – 38 seconds into the New Year – was not quick enough to make her the Greater Toronto Area’s first New Years baby. CP24 reports that two other children were born at the stroke of midnight.

James John Kennady was born at Scarborough's Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital and Jenna Grace Cheaib was born at North York General Hospital.


Toronto-area mother Lindsay Salgueiro gave birth to daughters Gabriela and Sophia at Mississauga's Credit Valley …

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