Ikea monkey will stay at primate sanctuary for now, court rules

Matthew Coutts
National Affairs Reporter
Daily Brew

The overly-famous Ikea monkey will live at a southern Ontario primate sanctuary until the conclusion of a custody battle with "monkey mom" Yasmin Nakhuda, a court ruled on Friday.

The Canadian Press reports that Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary will keep custody of Darwin for now after alleging Nakhuda was an unfit mom who allegedly struck and mistreated the primate. Nakhuda denies those allegations.

The actual custody hearing will be heard at a later date. What has been determined is where Darwin will hang its shearling coat until the legalities and appropriateness of its existence as a domestic being is decided.

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You will remember that Darwin pounced into our hearts late last year when he was found running through a Toronto Ikea parking lot in a shearling coat. He was seized by animal services and given to the primate sanctuary for care. Nakhuda says she surrendered ownership of her pet under duress and wants it back.

An Oshawa court decided the primate should stay at a facility entirely focused on caring for such creatures instead of living with a woman who refers to herself as the monkey’s kin.

Considering the options, the solution seems rather obvious.

There have already been allegations that Darwin was mistreated while in the custody of Nakhuda and her family.

And now, this. The Toronto Star reports on allegations that the monkey attacked her and viciously bit her youngest son. Kin will be kin, I suppose.

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All those claims, some based on emails between Nakhuda and an animal trainer, are allegations and a court will have to weigh those when the time comes.

Until then, Darwin should remain in a facility designed to offer it proper care. And away from prying eyes.