Luka Magnotta reportedly receiving and responding to fan mail

Luka Magnotta is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jun Lin

It's difficult to believe that Luka Magnotta has fans, but apparently he does and apparently they are sending letters to his detention centre. And he's writing them back.

QMI Agency reports that Magnotta has received dozens of letters from fans across the country, and beyond, from people who knew him before he became Canada's most notorious alleged murderer and those who have never met him.

A source told QMI:

From the United States and even around the world. It's incredible how many people write to him and seek advice.... Many people have written and talked about how much he has helped them.

Magnotta is currently being held in Quebec's Rivière-des-Prairies Detention Center awaiting trial for the death and dismemberment of Jun Lin, a Concordia University student who was found cut into pieces last May.

His trial is expected to begin in September 2014.

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Of course, there is nothing against the rules about those being held in custody receiving mail. According to Correctional Services Canada, the purpose of allowing inmates to receive letters and phone calls is:

To encourage inmates to maintain and develop family and community ties through written correspondence and telephone communication, consistent with the principle of protection of the public, staff members and offenders.

But if someone were to pick up the habit of writing to an inmate, they should be aware that the envelope is opened and its contents are inspected. Items can be confiscated if they breach the facility’s rules regarding money and personal property.

In certain cases, the letters can also be read.

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A blogger named Lexa, a Magnotta supporter until late last year, previously said she wrote to Magnotta and received a letter in return. (This was shortly before her opinion on Magnotta changed and she stopped posting to her blog.)

She gave those wishing to write to Magnotta the following advice:


5. Don’t come across as a media person in anyway. Luka is very distrustful of the media!

6. Don’t talk about the case.

7. Be sincere and supportive.

8. Compliment his appearance – The most important thing to him!

9. Don’t include sexually explicit material or swear words…it will just get blacked out.


Magnotta would not be the only participant in Canada's correctional system to receive unlikely support from strangers on the outside.

Anonymous pen pal programs have long sent letters to inmates. And in some cases, there can be a love connection.

Canadian Inmates Connect Inc., a website dedicated to connecting pen pals with inmates, works as a sort of blind dating program.

The site includes profiles of inmates who have been convicted of everything to armed robbery and aggravated assault to manslaughter and murder.

Just goes to show, there someone out there for everyone.

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