Luka Rocco Magnotta might be behind new YouTube video, report warns

Daily Brew

Lin Jun's murder is a case that just seems to get stranger by the hour.

On Friday morning, Montreal police confirmed Luka Rocco Magnotta was the subject of an international manhunt. He is the alleged perpetrator of a gruesome killing and dismemberment that police believe was recorded and posted on the Internet.

Late Friday evening, the QMI Agency's Kris Sims published a story claiming a newly uploaded YouTube video had experts concerned that Magnotta was posting on the Internet again. The 'luka magnotta' video from May 31 shows the inside of an apartment that looks like Magnotta's Montreal residence and seems to be from a news footage.

The original poster [going by the handle 'Beavis Butthead' fills] ... pages of comments [on the YouTube page], repeatedly mentioning the name "Luka," asking opinions on Magnotta's jewelry choices, appearance and handwriting styles; and asserting that Magnotta was actually dead or running from a stalker."

Something doesn't add up in this case. I think Luka is being framed by the insane agent that he fired - who has been stalking him for years," Beavis Butthead writes. "When I see Luka's blogs, etc., he doesn't seem to be a person who would do this. It is interesting that people ignore his years of complaints about being stalked. The reason he wanted to disappear is to avoid stalkers."

According to QMI, the poster's writing seems similar to Magnotta's. The video in question is the only one posted by 'Beavis Butthead' and the account is only a few weeks old.

"This sounds exactly like him. I give this an 80 per cent chance that it's him because he appears to be a narcissist and this is how he is going to ultimately get caught," Casey Jordan, a Connecticut criminologist, told Sims.

"This is absolutely in keeping with Magnotta's personality. It's either him, or someone as odd as he is."

On Saturday morning, 'Beavis Butthead' responded to the QMI report by posting a screenshot of Sims' Sun News Network bio page, with Magnotta's face inserted into Sims' picture.  The caption read: "Toronto Sun EXCLUSIVE! Luka Magnotta may be in disguise! See the photo of Kim Sims and decide for YOURSELF!"

'Butthead' also added this comment:

"Sims has gone and broadcast to the world that I am Luka. Thanks a lot b*tch! Let's see how she likes it. When this case is solved (if ever), I will be demanding an apology from that b*tch. In fact, if she values her job, she should apologize now for her reckless and irresponsible reporting. She might get ME killed by some nutso cop crashing through my door at any moment!"

Police believe Magnotta travelled to France last weekend, after he dumped his victim's torso in a discarded suitcase and sent pieces of the victim, via Canada Post, to political parties in Ottawa. According to the PostMedia News, a senior French official said he is "sure" that the suspect is currently there.

Canadian authorities have been notified about the video and subsequent posts.