Man arrested during home invasion wearing nothing but trenchcoat, socks

Daily Brew

Come for the valuables, stay for a little steam therapy?

A San Andreas, California, home proved an irresistible draw to an alleged burglar for its combination of luxury items and relaxing sauna facilities. According to the Associated Press, when police arrested Robert London outside the property he was charged with robbing last week, the 49-year-old man reportedly had nothing on but a trench coat and a pair of socks, park-flasher style.

This couldn’t have been a comfortable situation for the homeowner, who told police he found the intruder rummaging through his kitchen cabinets before he chased him out the door and held the half-naked man down on the driveway until police arrived.

The suspect later told police he “thought the house was vacant” and had made a habit of using the sauna, though he did not explain why this abandoned house was full of nice things, including a working sauna.

London may want to commiserate with Daniel Bedard, another would-be home invader who was interrupted in “fragrante” delicto when police nabbed him running a luxurious bath in the Quebec home of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil. Poor guy didn’t even get to enjoy the lavender-and-chamomile-scented fruits of his labour before he was charged with bathing, er breaking and entering and causing property damage.

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