Mayor Rob Ford’s crack scandal featured on Jeopardy!

Great news, Toronto. Mayor Rob Ford and his crack-smoking scandal are bringing more attention to the city, this time by being featured on Jeopardy!

The clue was featured on Thursday in the first round, as the $80 clue in the category of "Scandal."

The answer: "In 2013 Rob Ford, mayor of this 4th-largest city in N.America, first said he smoked weed, not crack...then yes, OK, crack, too"

The question, of course, is, "What is Toronto?"

While a game show is a new venue for Ford/Toronto mockery, the scandal has long been a topic of laughs and debate on U.S. news programs and late-night talk shows.

Earlier this week, David Letterman made a recent video of a drunk, slurring Ford the topic of his Top 10 list... "Things Rob Ford might be saying in this video."

Jimmy Kimmel has also made laughing at Ford a daily occurrence.

On Thursday evening, Ford being caught in an elevator for 45 minutes was featured in a segment in which the show censors random words to make news stories seem more offensive than they actually are.

For the record, the contestant got the question right. The Rob Ford clue did give send Jeopardy audience members, and another contestant, into a fit of giggles.

Needless to say, the reaction was similar on social media.

What's next for Ford and Toronto? Will Vanna and Pat feature us on the Wheel of Fortune? Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire still a thing?

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