Mayor Rob Ford dances into spotlight at Toronto church

Rob Ford dancing, image via YouTube user Mychael Warren.Forget the drug use, the consorting with criminals, the lying, the false accusations and the racist comments. Everything is OK again because Rob Ford had been spotted dancing in a church. His rise from the ashes is almost complete.

There's not much that needs to be said about the latest video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, which popped up on YouTube over the weekend. It is a video of a man in full "image rebuilding mode" doing what people love to see him do: Being an awkward, everyday, normal fella.

The two-and-a-half-minute video captures Ford dancing in a church choir at the West Toronto Church of God. Impressively, he keeps the motion going for the full video. "He lost some weight," someone is heard saying at the end of the song.

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Ford has promised to stop drinking, get in shape and lose some weight after admitting to smoking crack cocaine, lying about it, buying illegal drugs and driving after he had consumed alcohol. And being accused of a bunch of other stuff.

Ford recently told CBC's Peter Mansbridge that he had a "come-to-Jesus" moment. And nothing underlines that claim like being recorded dancing in a church.

The appearance scored media attention in the U.S., with the New York Daily News writing about Ford's dance routine, and on Twitter, where several churchgoers noted Ford's presence.

A resurrection narrative playing out at Christmas? Couldn't wait for Easter?

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