Rob Ford stripped of emergency powers, threatens legal action

 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was stripped of some key mayoral powers on Friday, and he is already threatening to take the decision to court.

City council voted 39-3 in favour of limiting the mayor's ability to hire and fire his deputy mayor and comittee chairs in a bid to bring some certainty to the spiraling chaos ongoing at city hall.

Those authorities are shifted to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly and standing committee chairs for the balance of Ford's term in office.

City council futher voted 41-2 in favour of shifting emergency management authority to the deputy mayor. Coun. John Filion made this comment in relation to the mayor, who has had several admitted "drunken stupors" during his time in office, holding any authority in a time of emergency:

We are quite fortunate that no emergencies have landed on the same dates in which the mayor's judgement may have been impaired.

Ford has shown a tendency of firing members of his executive committee who speak out against him during the ongoing substance abuse controversy.

"I have no other options than to challenge this in court," Ford said, before claiming council was wasting tax dollars by forcing the city into a legal challenge.

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Ford went on to say he had no intention of removing any member of his executive committee, which includes Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong - who led a charge to urge Ford step down and seek treatment.

But Ford has shown a tendency to punish those who go against him. Coun. Jaye Robinson was booted from the committee in June after speaking out about Ford's substance abuse issues.

Coun. Paul Ainslie resigned from the committee in October before Ford could fire him after the two clashed over Ford's personal life.