Most Canadian story of the day: Helpful Ontarian rescues moose calf, takes it to Tim Hortons

Screengrab from a video posted to Facebook of Stephan Michel taking the moose calf to Tim Horton's.

Most Canadian story of all time? Yes, possibly the most Canadian story of all time.

A baby moose found alone in northern Ontario was reportedly saved by a helpful passerby this week and taken to Tim Hortons before being delivered to a wildlife sanctuary near Sudbury, Ont.

Local news reports detail a series of events that led from the newborn moose being found wandering in traffic to visiting Canada's iconic coffee chain and finally finding solace at a wildlife refuge. The moose had reportedly just been born when it was found on Monday, wandering near a highway in the Sudbury area.

"When she was found she was still wet from birth," Stephane Desgroseillers told CTV Northern Ontario.

Apparently, Desgroseillers was unable to connect with wildlife professionals the day he found the moose, and took it into his home overnight for safe keeping.

The next morning, the moose made its visit to the local Tim Hortons on its way to a local wildlife sanctuary. A video of the interaction was shot by resident Shirley Erkila and posted to Facebook

In the video, the baby moose can be seen tentatively wandering and sniffing the surroundings outside the restaurant.

The moose is now in the care of Wild At Heart Animal Sanctuary, a wild animal rescue facility in Lively, Ont. A caregiver at the facility told Yahoo Canada News that the animal was being treated and monitored through the day.

It is not clear what happened to the moose's mother, but Desgroseillers told reporters that if he had left the baby moose in the wild, he's sure it would have died.

Though the visit to Timmies may have been one Canadian stereotype too many.

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