North of 69? CRTC worried there’s not enough CanCon in Canadian porn

North of 69? CRTC worried there’s not enough CanCon in Canadian porn

Canada's federal broadcasting regulator is cracking the whip on three Toronto-based adult TV channels for failing to include enough Canadian content in their programming.

The Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission announced three porn channels – AOV Adult Movie Channel, AOV XXX Action Clips and AOV Maleflixxx – were suspected of being in violation of their programming requirements.

The issue came up when parent company Channel Zero attempted to renew their broadcasting licences.

The censure notes that the channels "may have failed to comply with its conditions of licence by 1) providing less than 35% Canadian programming over the broadcast year and during the evening broadcast period and 2) providing less than 90% closed captioning for English-language programs over the broadcast day."

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While it is not clear what benefit closed captioning on a pornographic film would provide, an appropriate amount of CanCon is something all Canadian television channels need to ensure they include.

The National Post notes that Channel Zero faced a similar issue in 2012, having missed its CanCon target by minutes per day, which they chalked up at the time to a clerical error.

After all, it must be tough to calculate what pornographic material is Canadian, and what comes from outside the country.

What differentiates Canadian pornography from American? Perhaps the best way to ensure proper CanCon is to air films with Canadian names, such as The Raunchiest Hobo, or Mr. Undressup. The Royal Canadian Mounting Police? Kids in the Whore? Tim's Whore-tons?

Perhaps Hinterland's Hoo-Hoo is appropriate for AOV XXX Action Clips' necessary short-form content?

At the very least, the channels should ensure a minimum number of Canadian sex acts in their programming, like those on this list first publicized on the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." I heard the Old King Clancy is a doozy.

An appearance by Alan Thicke is, however, not a CRTC requirement.

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