Photos of terrified visitors to Canadian haunted house go viral

If you are looking for a real scare this Halloween season, head to Niagara Falls Canada.

Unfortunately for people caught on hidden cameras at Nightmares Fear Factory, the only thing that may be scarier than what they witness when caught on camera is seeing their pictures splashed all over the Internet.

"This is by far the scariest haunted house we have ever been in," says Larry Johnson in the comments section of the Nightmares website. "If you decide to enter make sure you leave a will with family members."

The owners of the haunted house have been posting the photos to Facebook for two years and Flickr for one, but they really began to get a lot of attention after being featured by Buzzfeed earlier in October. They were even featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and have made their way to countries including Australia, England and Japan.

Director of sales and marketing Vee Popat says traffic to their website increased by over 10,000 per cent.

"It's just funny to look at people getting scared," Popat says to the Toronto Star. "I'm surprised it took so long for the number of people to notice because we always thought these pictures were funny."

According to the Daily Mail, visitors wander around in complete darkness, go across a shaky bridge, a tunnel and a room where walls close in. The picture is taken right when people see a car full of ghosts.

Nightmares is the oldest haunted house in North America and has been operating for 30 years. According to the legend, the site in on an old coffin factory. The website says the owner was tormented by young hooligans who vandalized his factory. One night he confronted the troublemakers and during the ensuing fight a stack of coffins fell on the owner killing him. After the funeral, his coffin was unearthed and found empty. It is said that he now walks the halls of the haunted house seeking revenge on those who trespass on his property.

The haunted house is so scary that visitors can yell a safety word to not longer endure the fright. If they scream "Nightmares" they are escorted out. So far more than 112,000 people have needed this option. These people are given a "Chicken Card" which gives them a free ticket if they muster the courage in the future.

(Photos from Nightmares Fear Factory)

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