Regina the unlikely target of attack in latest Avengers comic book series

Matt Coutts
Daily Brew

Sometimes the world outside of Canada takes notice in unexpected ways, like when one of our own is named head of the Bank of England, or when a U.S. comedian nicknames one of our cities "Earth's rectum."

Sometimes, it is an intergalactic alien that takes notice.

Such is the case in a new Marvel Comics' series of The Avengers, in which some of the world's most notorious superheroes take on an alien creature attacking Earth from Mars.

Ex Nihilo, the dastardly invader in question, fires two bombs down on earth, striking not Madrid or New York, or even Toronto. But Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Queen City.

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Saskatchewan's capital and Perth, Australia were chosen as attack targets, seemingly at random, by the creators of Avengers #1, released this week.

"We're trying to spread the love around, even if the love is crazy bombs from space," said Tom Brevoort, senior vice-president and executive editor at Marvel Publishing, told the Regina Leader Post.

In the comic, the aforementioned adversary strikes Regina with an "origin bomb," which transforms the region's atmosphere and, instead of killing the inhabitants, speeds up their rate of evolution.

The comic series then follows as a group of superheroes including Captain America and Iron Man defend the planet.

This is not the first time Marvel Comics has woven Canada into its storytelling.

Wolverine, arguably the company's most popular character, has an extensive Canadian history, from birth on an Alberta farm to his pre-heroic life in a British Columbia mining colony.

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And last year, Marvel rebooted Alpha Flight — a team of True North heroes that includes a Sasquatch and twins from Montreal.

Brevoort says Regina will be featured in future comics as the effects of the origin bomb play out. Who knows what is in store for the prairie gem.