Not only in Philadelphia: Rob Ford supporters heckle Santa Claus

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford walks by a statue of Santa as he leaves City Hall last Friday.

Some marketing genius came up with a seemingly perfect way to shame embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during the holiday season and it ended the way we all should have expected it would: A Rob Ford supporter told Santa Claus to F-off.

A delivery person clad in a Santa suit was jeered and shouted at by a gathering of Ford supporters when he arrived at City Hall on Friday to deliver coal to the reputedly naughty Ford.

Local marketing agency Bob's Your Uncle created the website, which promised to "deliver a big pile of coal to City Hall for the naughtiest boy on Santa's list."

“We created it because, I think like many citizens of Toronto, we’re somewhat appalled at our current situation,” CEO Bob Froese told Metro Toronto regarding the mayor and the sleigh-load of scandal and controversy he has brought to the city.

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The site was also collecting money for needy children during the Christmas season, but the big marketing payout was expected to come today, when they sent Santa to deliver more than a million lumps of coal to Ford in person.

It just so happens the delivery came while hundreds of Rob Ford supporters had gathered at city hall to purchase the latest edition of the Rob Ford bobblehead doll.

And Santa did not receive a warm reception.

According to CP24's Katie Simpson, Santa was ordered to leave city hall by security officers, but not before he took some lumps of his own.

It should be pointed out that Santa was told to "get a job" by someone who, in the middle of a weekday, was standing in line waiting to buy a toy that has passing resemblance to the mayor.

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Regardless, it seems no one is safe from the ire of Ford Nation, not even Santa.

For the record, it is up for debate whether Ford is actually on Santa's "naughty" list. His brother, Coun. Doug Ford, recently interviewed a Santa Claus statue set up outside the Mayor's Office, and claims the statue told him Rob was on the "nice" list.

Considering the mayor's history over the past year — including smoking crack cocaine, confessing to the purchase of illegal drugs, admitting to a series of public lies, cursing in public, making vulgar comments about his wife, formally apologizing for insinuating a reporter was a pedophile and oh yeah being observed by police urinating in a public park — you have to at least assume he was in consideration to make the "naughty" list.

On the other side of the ledger, Ford recently said he was giving his wife a cheque for Christmas – said the be worth thousands of dollars – so that has to be worth something in the eyes of Santa.

“Women love money. Give them a couple thousand bucks and they are happy," Ford said on Thursday, certainly paraphrasing something Saint Nick has said in the past.

(Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press.)

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