Scarborough shooting played out on Twitter

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Daily Brew

Two people are dead and 21 others, including an infant, were injured after gunfire erupted at a community party in Scarborough late Monday night.

Details of the event are starting to emerge from eye-witness accounts and from the Twittersphere.

The party, originally scheduled for Sunday but moved to Monday because of bad whether, featured Caribbean barbecue, jerk chicken, DJs and, according to party goers, the promise of free Hennessey cognac.

A poster on, chronicled Tweets from attendees who were concerned about potential problems.

"*starts praying* father God, guide and protect my friends from thy enemy tonight. Let us not war but party."

Another party goer, who seemed to be actively promoting the 'blocko', tweeted this one day before the event:

"I don't wanna see no dumb ass...tryin 2start /cause a problem tomorrow wrong block 4 dat."

Other Twitter feeds gives some hints about how the evening unfolded.

Here is a series of Tweets from someone who claims both his friend and nephew were shot:

12:59am: "So much shots fired"

1:10am: "I can't believe tht was my nephew tht got shot, he is...1 years old!!!"

1:19am:  "Al I hear is, bam bam!.......and then a chopper,right...behind

1:53am: "The ambulance...took forever, while shian is just there in my hands"

2:13am: "Welcome to the hood"

The Toronto police also took Twitter Tuesday, to appeal for more information:

"No community should live in fear of violence. Speak up, speak out. If you see it, say it. Witnesses make a difference 416-808-4300"

During a Tuesday morning news conference at police headquarters, Toronto Police Chief Blair said police would put as many resources on the street as necessary to apprehend those responsible for the incident.