Scorned B.C. woman holds surprise yard sale to get rid of cheating husband’s stuff

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Garage and yard sales are a great way of cleaning house, getting rid of things you no longer need or care for.

A woman in the Vancouver suburb of White Rock used hers to send a message to her cheating husband.

The woman posted an ad on craigslist last Friday advertising a last-minute weekend sale.

"Husband left us for a piece of trash," says the ad, according to "Selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie."

The woman declined to speak to a Vancouver Province reporter who took in the sale on Saturday and found bargain-hunters picking through the goods. They included leather theatre-style sofas, artwork, clothing and "lots of tools which he didn't have a clue how to use."

"I want the house empty on Monday when he returns because that will be a shock for him to see," she wrote in the ad. "There will not be any of his clothes for sale, though, as we will have already burned those in the driveway."

The woman, who said she was married for 10 years, added she's also putting the house up for sale and invited people to have a look around.

Family and estates lawyer Lora Anjos told the Province the money raised from the sale would become part of the asset division in any divorce proceeding.

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As revenge goes, this isn't the most striking example of nastiness visited on a cheating spouse.

Britain's Daily Mail reported in January that a farmer who discovered his wife trolling for a hookup on a dating website for rural residents responded by covering her beloved Peugeot convertible with horse manure.

He also recorded his stinky revenge on video and uploaded it to YouTube:

It turns out there's an entire web site,, dedicated to creative acts of retribution against cheating men.

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In 2007, a woman in Scotland admitted feeding her estranged husband a curry with dog poop in it, according to BBC News.

And in Moscow that same year, a woman set fire to her ex-husband's penis as he sat naked watching TV, Reuters reported. They'd been divorced for three years but still shared a tiny apartment.

So that dude in White Rock ... he should probably count himself lucky just his clothes went up in flames.

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