Who is Tim Bosma murder suspect Mark Smich?

Matthew Coutts
Daily Brew

On the surface, two suspects charged in the murder of Tim Bosma seem to have few similarities. One is the heir of an aviation dynasty with a clean, although suspect, history. The other, a young man from a broken home with five minor convictions under his youthful belt.

Yet Dellen Millard and 25-year-old Mark Smich now sit in the same seat: In custody, facing charges in the death of Bosma, who disappeared after leaving his family to take two young men on a test drive in his truck.

Bosma’s body was discovered burned beyond recognition on Bosma’s property last week – more than six days after the father of one disappeared. Millard was arrested and has been charged with first-degree murder, forcible confinement and the theft of Bosma’s truck. It would be another week before Smich was picked up by officers on the street of his family’s Oakville, Ont., neighbourhood.

Police allege that is was Millard and Smich who took that test drive with Bosma. A third suspect is outstanding.

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Very little was known about Smich before he was arrested in connection to the death of Timothy Bosma. Even his relationship with fellow suspect Millard was unclear.

Reports are now confirming that Millard and Smich knew one another. The Globe and Mail reports that Smich was seen with Millard by neighbours on a number of occasions.

An image that appeared on the social networking site Reddit has been confirmed to be off Millard and Smich. The two men are seen together near a blue car, parked outside Smich's Oakville home.

The National Post reports that has been twice convicted for drug possession, twice of breaching a court order and once for impaired driving. His last conviction came in 2009. The Post says he also has a pending court date regarding the vandalism of a highway overpass.

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The Toronto Sun, meantime, has uncovered a music video that features Smich acting like a serial killer, pretending to hack body parts off of a victim.

The video's creator, known as JayDolo, removed it and posted in a message:

Mark is innocent until proven guilty and in my opinion as his friend he is only being pinpointed because he knew (Millard). If he is guilty he will serve his time and accept his consequence(s).

Friends and former acquaintances of Smich's have also come forward since Smich was arrested earlier this week. Cora Dacunha told Global News that Smich was an “amazing person,” adding that “he’ll do anything for you” before she broke down in tears.

A former friend told the Post that Smich moved with his mother from Mississauga when his parents separated a decade ago. He has two sisters, one of whom was married two days before his arrest. Smich was in attendance at the wedding.

Smich’s lawyer has said he will plead not guilty to the charge of murder and “vigorously” defend himself. Both Smich and Millard are expected back in court on June 13.