Toronto Mayor Rob Ford caught using his cell phone while driving again

When you drive around with your name as your licence plate and are constantly on TV, it's hard not to be noticed when cruising the streets of a city where you are mayor.

Yet, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has once again been spotted using his cell phone while driving, at least according to one driver.

Sarah Barrett says she saw Ford talking on his phone while driving his bronze minivan with the vanity plate "ROB FORD" near Dundas and Spadina.

"How could you not recognize him? And he had his phone to his ear," she says to The Globe and Mail. "Why does he think that he can do it, when all the rest of us aren't supposed to do it . . . He should do what everybody does. He's not above the law."

Barrett wishes she could have taken a picture or pulled up beside him and told him to get off his phone.

"I was just wishing I could have gone, 'Yoo-hoo, no phone,' and then waited for him to give me the finger," she tells the Globe.

Giving a fellow motorist the finger is apparently what Ford did in July after a woman told him to get off his phone while driving.

"I find this kind of behaviour really unbecoming of a mayor who not only is in charge of the largest metropolitan municipality in Canada, is supposed to follow the laws of that city," OttilieMason wrote on Facebook.

While the mayor later admitted to breaking the law in July, his press secretary has not confirmed nor denied he was talking on his phone or driving at the time. Adrienne Batra does says Ford has been using his van's hands-free system more often.

"The mayor has been diligent about using his OnStar in his vehicle," Batra says to the Toronto Sun.

Using a handheld cell phone while driving is illegal in Ontario and fines can go as high as $500.

As for Barrett, she tells the Sun she's amazed Ford hasn't stopped talking on his phone. "What an idiot, he doesn't learn anything."

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