Toronto Mayor Rob Ford refuses to hire a driver, will not ‘waste taxpayers’ money’

Jesse Michaels
Senior News Editor
Daily Brew

Despite being caught reading behind the wheel last week, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is still refusing to hire a driver.

According to the National Post, Ford is insisting he can drive himself around like every other citizen of the city.

"I don't believe in wasting taxpayers money," he told reporters who had gathered in the foyer of city hall to hear him endorse a local soccer team vying for a BMO Team of the Week contest. "I don't believe in going out and hiring someone, as the average costs around here is $50, $60,000, on driving me around. A million people a day go to work in this city and they drive themselves. I don't see why I'm any different." He said when he was elected mayor he was offered a car and a driver, which totaled "well over $100,000″ combined."

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Pleas from his councillor brother Doug Ford and Toronto Police, who have offered to provide him with a security detail appear to have fallen flat. Councillor Ford said he has given up on trying to get his brother into the passenger seat. "I tried my hardest. Now that's proof in the pudding about who actually makes decisions: it's Rob, no mistake about it."

Ford has had numerous incidents behind the wheel over the past year. In July he got into a confrontation with a streetcar operator after driving past the streetcar's open doors. In October Ford was accused of using a cellphone while driving and last July he denied flipping the bird to a woman who challenged him for using his phone while driving.

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